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"All of My Life" is available on

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“Among the great pleasures and rewards of songwriting is hearing one’s songs performed with the respect and love that Sandra and Lori brought to this CD!  Some of these songs have never been recorded and some have many recordings, but all are sung and played here with such freshness and keen jazz sensibility.  Thank you both, Lori and Sandra”!

Love, Alan & Marilyn


“What happens when a remarkable singer and a fabulous pianist take on the catalog of a wonderful husband and wife team of lyricists, writing with a variety of top notch composers?  Just what you might imagine; a gorgeous recording, full of smiles, tears and some really breath-taking music.  Don’t miss this”! 

Beegie Adair


“Imagine you have before you a small box.  You open it and discover 14 exquisite little gems, each with its own sparkle and personality.  That is the sensation I experienced when listening to Sandra and Lori’s ” All Of My Life” collection.  It is certainly ranks among the finest renditions of the Bergman catalog ever recorded.  I’ll surely listen to this CD over, and over, and over again”.

Jeffery Steinberg


“These are the things you hope for when you hear a new CD. The music touches your heart and warms your soul. It has the power to make you smile, cry, think and feel. It reminds you that the power or music isn’t related to its volume or the number of musicians involved, rather the ability of those involved to bring the music to life”.

George Tidwell


All of my Life….I have believed that fate plays a part in our lives.  Lori had asked me to sing at the Nashville Jazz Workshop as a special guest on the performance night for a class featuring the songs of Alan and Marilyn Bergman, and a few weeks later the members of the class and I were singing for the Bergman’s in person!  It was one of the most special evenings I have ever experienced.  After that, Lori and I knew we had to do a tribute album for this amazing couple.  Lori and I have loved these songs since we were young.  As we rehearsed for this project, it became very clear from the first note how easy and comfortable it was going to be.  We understood each other and we understood what the songs were really about.  I am forever grateful to Lori for this chance to work with her on this project.

         Lori Mechem has the right touch and feel on the piano for these songs.  She knows how to listen to the vocalist and compliment their creativity and musicianship. She met me at every corner of the music with an honest and unassuming accompaniment.   Our lifelong friendship is truly revealed in this recording. 

         Alan and Marilyn Bergman have been writing great lyrics for decades.  Their collaborations with some of the greatest composers of our time are rare treasures that we need to hold dear in our hearts.  I lovingly offer this gift of my heart to the Bergmans.  Lori and I hope you enjoy this project and share it with others.  With Love, Sandra


All of my Life I have wanted to make a recording that is so close to my heart, with someone who understands the music in the same way I do. From the moment I met Sandra Dudley, I knew we had a very special musical connection as well as an everlasting friendship. We have always felt the same emotions at the same time throughout our performances together. It is rare to find a musical partner that knows your every move and is sensitive to your artistry.  Sandra does this for me, and I am very grateful and honored to record this incredible project with her.

The lyrics of Alan and Marilyn Bergman are where our hearts communicate as one. Their words are so beautiful, relaying every emotion of the human heart and the many seasons of life. The numerous composers with whom they have written have been heroes of mine for many years. When Sandra and I decided to record an entire CD of Bergman songs, everything started to fall into place. I contacted Alan and Marilyn to see if they had any songs that had never been recorded. They sent us several to consider, two of which are on this CD,“Mozart in the Dark” and “Being Without You”. To record these songs has brought me to a new spiritual level with my music.

Meeting Alan and Marilyn for the first time in 2010 was one of the greatest gifts of my musical career. Honoring them with this project and creating it with Sandra is a dream come true.